WARNING: Penthouse Mastermind Is Limited To Only 100 Attendees to ensure everyone's success.
An Exclusive Mastermind Event To Learn & Connect With Some Of Today's Most Successful Entrepreneurs
An Exclusive Mastermind Group To Learn & Connect With Some Of Today's Most Successful Entrepreneurs
Our Speakers Have 3 Million Followers Combined And Have Been Seen On...
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Hollywood, CA 90028- March 2, 2019
Learn life and business hacks from the people who are already doing and living your goals and dreams. Let their generosity and willingness to help be your secret weapon, and be ready to use your knowledge to help others in attendance as well.
Learn life and business hacks from the people who are already doing and living your goals and dreams. Let their generosity and willingness to help be your secret weapon, and be ready to use your knowledge to help others in attendance as well.
Some Of The People You'll Be Learning From & Bumping Shoulders With:
Jason Wong
Jason Wong is a product designer, restauranteur, and creator of multiple viral products that have made headlines internationally. His eye for finding developing trends allows him to build new brands from scratch. Innovative design and marketing define Jason's approach. Previously having a network of over 32 million followers on Tumblr, Jason understands the formula for creating products and content that can go viral. His work has been made into case studies, shown on NBC TODAY, CBS, and taught at USC.
Daniel Guaragna
Daniel Guaragna is the Founder of “The Sales Agency” and is a true leader in the High-Ticket sales industry. 
After combining historical proven sales disciplines and strategies of his own, Daniel went on to close over 20 million dollars worth of High-Ticket business in under 4 years. Daniel life’s mission to help 1 Million Businesses by discovering and injecting new sales solutions that are custom tailored for different businesses. His passion for his work is limitless and his dedication to positively impact  the world by empowering every individual is uncompromising.

Naeem Al-Obaidi
Naeem Al-Obaidi is the CEO of Traders Profit Club a financial education group with over 25,000 students and 4,000 clients. He advises over half a dozen blockchain startups, and has had over 20,000,000 hours of watch time on his Youtube videos . He has over 100,000+ followers on his combined social media reach and has spoken at UCLA, Blockchain Conferences, & Alongside Steve Wozniak & Gary Vee about personal branding, marketing, trading, & social media.
Joshua Earp
Joshua Earp is a Singer, Guitarist, Magician, Mentalist, Hypnotist and Co-owner of Rio Vista Universal which produced "Gearheads" on the Discovery Channel. He Co-Owns the management team responsible for Michael Jackson, Prince, Christina Aguillera and over 20 other grammy award winning and multi-platinum recording artists. He is also a marketing expert, search engine optimization specialist and social media influencer that has appeared on ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC and has amassed clients such as Warner Bros, Disney, Coca Cola, and more.
Rigan Machado
Rigan Machado is an 8th degree red and black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is a former Pan American Champion
and a veteran medalist of the ADCC.
Rigan Machado currently teaches out of his Beverly Hills California Academy and is instructor to notable students Ashton Kutcher, Vin Diesel, Demi Lovato, Tai Lopez, Mel Gibson, Keanu Reeves, Jonah Hill and Charlie Hunnam from the television show Sons of Anarchy.

David Lehre
David Lehre is an American Actor, Director, Musician and Internet video pioneer who has racked up over 300+ Million video views worldwide.  His success has been featured in GQ, Rolling Stone, ABC's 20/20, Esquire, Complex, & Jimmy Kimmel Live! Lehre is the CEO of Vendetta Studios which has worked with big brands like Coca-Cola, Marriott Hotels and Nickelodeon. Featured in Adweek Magazine as the "Viral Video Expert", Lehre's latest Fortnite music video has reached over 15 Million views on youtube and facebook.  
Fam Mirza
Fam Mirza is a Serial Entrepreneur, investor, american marketer, and philanthropist. He is best known for creating brands in consumer retail, apparel, tech, biotechnology, and music verticals. Fam has also advised and invested in an array of companies that have generated over 100 Million in revenue including Spotify. Fam has been featured on Huff Post, Forbes, Inc, & Entrepreneur!

Nick Kho
Nick Kho attended Harvard University for a Masters Degree Program for Legal Studies. After completing a 4-year sales seminar event series during a 100+ country world travel tour, he transformed a 5-story Hollywood Hills mansion into a global self-improvement content publishing company generating over $40 million in revenue. Today, RSD operates in over 70 countries and 270 cities, hosting over 1,000 live events annually with over 400,000 clients.
Ben Ganz
Ben Ganz spent 8 seasons with American Idol and FOX before launching his full-service digital production and consulting company, Vego Pictures, in 2016. With his strong background producing digital content for Fox and American Idol, Ganz built Vego Pictures to support major networks like ABC, FOX, and Lionsgate. In the rapidly changing digital ecosphere, Vego Pictures works with networks, brands, record labels, music festivals, content creators, and artists to develop and execute cutting edge platform-specific content strategies that reach audiences with the right message on the right platform. Listen to his podcast Hollywood 2.0: The Vego Show, on iTunes. 
Chase Hero
In 2010 Chase founded an advertising & technology company that grew to a 9-figure business. Chase founded Pacer Capital in 2014. From its inception Pacer Capital focused heavily on cryptocurrency. Chase was able excel in crypto markets. In 2015, Chase and his team founded The Watchers group which was designed to educate the masses about all things crypto. The group quickly grew to one of the leading places for free high quality information on cryptocurrency. Today Chase continues to focus on his passion for helping others succeed in the crypto markets.

Brittany Michalchuk
Brittany Michalchuk greatest passion is teaching the secrets to successful branding and marketing in the 21st century. At the age of 20 she built a successful marketing firm  teaching how to master market yourself online with social media secrets, she's created many courses, and has helped some of the biggest influencers and brands in the world. Some previous clients are ATB Financial, Monster Energy, Dentyne Ice, Wranglers & many more! Now she works with some of the most prominent entrepreneurs, thought leaders and influencers in this space and connects them to build opportunities, which include facilitating connections to some of the biggest podcasts and stages in the world. 
Adam Farfan
Adam Farfan founded a world’s leading financial company. He has clients like Celebrities, Pro-Athletes, Non-Profit Organizations, 500 INC CEO’s, & Forbes Rated Companies. Adam has now been featured in many social-public platforms for his deep understanding of Wealth-Creation. After a 9-figure exit, Adam enjoys traveling with his friends and family, he supports many charity and philanthropic foundations, 
  •  Learn EXACTLY how you can leverage the power of your personal brand to get featured in top publications (such as Forbes, Inc, Influencive, Entrepreneur, etc.) and create massive credibility from the simple strategy of authority alignment (you won't believe how simple & easy-to-follow this is)
  •  How you can literally mimic this exact same formula that one entrepreneur followed to build a multi-million dollar online business that hardly requires much time (giving actual time & financial freedom)
  •  How anyone can start a profitable online coaching or consulting business by virtually selling their knowledge, gift, talent or skill set (even if you don't believe you currently have any)
  •  Discover how you can model an entrepreneur who effortlessly sells multiple quart-million dollar products by following this simple technique that is unknown by 99% of sales professionals
  •  How to systematize your business model & map out every step of your value chain (so you can easily take absolute "strangers" and convert them into "high paying clients"), as well as implement the necessary systems to physically scale & do as much business as you wish
  •  The importance of branding, why the e-com giant Amazon isn’t going anywhere, and how to set your brand up for a successful exit (learn from someone who is a partner of multiple 7 figure companies)
  •  The importance of learning how to invest into the biggest financial market, why crypto forex is the future, and how you can be successful trading forex & crypto’s too
  •   Key habits and rituals to simplify the process to success, the importance of personal branding, and how to utilize the “attention” opportunity to crush it in 2019
  •  Get access to many of the "industry secrets" of what the top 1% of coaches, consultants, influencers and entrepreneurs are doing to make "crushing it" in their business seem so effortless 
  •  And much, MUCH more! 
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"Transforming your life requires getting out of your comfort zone. I learned from so many incredible people from all ends of spectrum at the last event, and it was honestly an experience that I will never forget. If you are someone who wants to not only meet incredible people, but also discover what's possible to accomplish in such little time, I highly recommend you attend their next event. I was able to grow a solid following online, I met the person who I would soon after parter with in her business, and I even learned the power of delegation & systematization. You need to attend this mastermind!"
"Being surrounded by people who have experience doing exactly what you are looking to do yourself is absolutely crucial to shortcutting your success. You obviously need to have the right circle of influence to keep an abundant mindset, but when you can also get direct in-person support from people who are currently crushing it... you become absolutely unstoppable. The knowledge that you acquire, the friendships you build, and the memories you create and well-worth the time attending this event. You would be crazy not to attend!
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